Central Maine Warehousing


My name is Joel Clement about 2 years ago I bought what is known around town as the old “Norwock Shoe Building” or “#2 Shoe Shop” located on Spring Street in Skowhegan.  It produced shoes up through the late 1970’s and then when shut down sat vacant for a number of years.  Next the Solon Manufacturing company bought it and revitalized it making it a warehouse for there plants in Skowhegan and Solon.  Solon used it up until there local plants were both shut down in the early 2000’s.  Though currently there are some cosmetic issues the building is structurally sound.  Since I purchased it my father Russell and I have been slowly making improvements to make it a viable warehousing facility for both commercial / industrial clients as well as retail customers in need of seasonal storage.  Since I have a real job my father manages most of the day to day issue.  Without him I could not manage this place. 


We have approximately 90,000 ft2 of floor space on three levels.  The lower 2 levels are both accessible by street level doors as well as standard truck height loading docks.  The 3rd level is accessed by using either street level or loading docks on the second level and a 4,000 lb freight elevator.  The elevator is approximately 5’ x 10’ and easily accommodates 2 standard sized pallets.  We have two 4,000 lb electric pallet jacks as well as hand operated pallet jacks onsite for use by out commercial and industrial clients.  We currently have approximately 30,000 ft2 leased and use a fair area for our own things but this still leaves more than 40,000 ft2 available, please give us a call with your needs. 











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