Central Maine Warehousing

Seasonal Storage

Winter Storage


November 1st - May 15th Flat Rates


Boat* or automobile $150

ATV or Motorcycle $100



Summer Storage


May 15th November 1st Flat Rates


Snowmobile or Snowblower $100

2 Snowmobiles on Trailer $150



*This is a post and beam style building maximum boat size is about 19 20. A good rule of thumb is if one man can easily move a boat around on the tongue jack wheel you will be able to maneuver it into one of my stalls. Sorry most pontoon boats are to large when you combine the width and length they are just not maneuverable enough.


Remember this is no barn there will be no bird droppings on your boat in the spring. Feel free to call Russell with your other seasonal storage needs. (207) 399-9591


Click here to view a sample lease. To expedite drop of feel free to fill out 2 copies of the lease before arriving.